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Computer Network Java C++

Computer Network Java C++ Notes

Computer Network Java C++

Computer Network

Computer Network and its Classification
LAN Topologies
Carrier Sense Multiple Access
Hardware Addressing and its Types
Frame Type Identification and Multicasting
IP Routing
Types of Malicious Programs and Firewall
Full form of Hardware & Networking Devices Terminologies
Backdoors, Trojans, Viruses and Worms
Question related to Networking Management and Administration


Problem Solving
Simple Program
Basic Structure of C++ Program


Java Buzzwords
Java Hello World Program
Java Program showing Multiplication
Java If Statements
Java For Loop
Atomic Elements of Java and Java Keywords
Java Data Types and Escape Sequence
Java Variable Scope and Type Conversion
Java Arrays
Java Operators
Java Control Statements
Java Jump Statements
Java Class and its Fundamentals
Java Class Declaring Objects
Java Class Introducing Methods
Java this Keyword Garbage Collection and Finalize Method
Java Constructors
Questions About Enterprise Application Development