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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Intermediate English XI Synonyms The Night Mail

          Intermediate English XI Synonyms The Night Mail

Border:       boundary, periphery, line dividing two lands/areas.
Corner:       nook, niche, bay, bend.
Beatock:     name of mountainous area.
Steady:        continual, unchanging.
Clime:          ascent, rise.
Gradient:     slope, an incline, slant.
Past:            beyond, away from.
Moorland:    health, track of untilled land, open, barrel land.
Boulder:      small hill, rock, stone.
Shoveling:    throwing, scooping.
steam:          vaporous.
Snorting:      producing harsh/angry sound, puffing.
Bent:            stooped, bowed.
Approaches:advances, reaches, comes up.
Stare:           gaze, look, fixedly, glare.
Blank:          emotionless, impassive, impression-less.
Coaches:     railway carriages.
Course:        path, track, way.
Slumber:      sleep, snooze, doze, sleep, peacefully.
Wakes:        gets up, awakes.
Shakes:       quivers, shivers, vibrates, tremble.
Gently:         softly.

Written By: Asad Hussain

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