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Intermediate F.Sc F.A ICS English XI Synonyms Where are you Going

   Intermediate English XI Synonyms Where are you Going

valley: vale, dale, low area between hills.
fatal: deadly, lethal, causing death.
furnace: a place of intense heat, a severe test of trial, boiler.
yonder: over there, at a distance.
midden: dunghill, heap of rubbish or trash.
odour: foul smell, stench, stink reek.
madden: make mad, upset, trouble.
gap: openings, gorge.
tall: bold, valiant, skilful person.
fearer: frightened, afraid, coward, apprehensive.
farer: traveler, way farer, tourist.
dusk: twilight, darkness, evening, sunset, night fall.
delay: linger on, wait, prolong, to hinder.
diligent: careful, heedful, hard working.
discover: disclose, reveal, unfold, expose.
lacking: shortage, inability to do, scarcity.
footsteps: tread, foot print, foot fall.
granite: a hard stone, boulder, rock, pebble.
grass: grassland, meadow, pasture.
imagine: visualize, presume, suppose, assume, consider, think.
horror: intense fear, terror, a person having fear.
heaver: a listener, a person who hears.
shape: ghostly form, a phantom, spirit.
twisted: bent, entangled, knotty, winding.
behind: at the back, in the rear.
swiftly: quickly, rapidly, speedily.
figure: spirit, ghostly form, phantom.
softly: gently.
spot: mark, blot, speck.
shocking: dreadful, terrible, appalling.
disease: ailment, malady, sickness.
looking for: searching for, be in the pursuit of, hunting for, looking around for.

Written By: Asad Hussain