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ICS Computer Notes Part 1 Chapter 4 (Application and Uses of Computer) Short Questions from Past Papers

ICS Computer Notes Part 1 Chapter 4 (Application and Uses of Computer) Short Questions from Past Papers

Q 1. What is meant by online banking?
Ans. The term online banking means to perform all the banking operations on internet. Online banking enables us to transfer funds, pay, our utility bills and fees through internet.

Q 2. What is meant by video conference?
Ans. The term video conference means to have a meeting on internet. In this way people on different locations can communicate with each others as they are present in one room.

Q 3. What is online education?
Ans. Online education is a process of getting distance learning education with the help of internet. This is very useful especially for the students who cannot go to schools/colleges for traditional classes.

Q 4. What is robot?
Ans. A robot is a machine that gathers information about its environment and uses that information to follow instructions to do work.

Q 5. What is ATM?
Ans. ATM is abbreviation of Automated Teller Machine, a machine at a bank branch or any other location which enables a customer to perform basic banking activities even when the bank is closed.

Q 6. How office support system helps in office automation?
Ans. Our Office Systems Support program prepares a user for an administrative career in an office setting. A user will use up-to-date technology, communication, and administrative support skills that will make him a valuable asset in any office environment.

Q 7. How computers are useful in weather forecasting?
Ans. Computer based weather forecasting are useful in collection of data from weather stations, airports, satellites, different sensitive deices all around the world. Computer depends on building a model of hot, cold air, dry and humid air interaction.

Q 8. What do you know about computer aided learning (CAL)?
Ans. Computer Aided Learning could be described as the use of information technology to assist in the teaching and enhance learning process. It is also reducing the administrative load associated with teaching and research.

Q 9. Explain the concept on E-commerce?
Ans. The process of buying and selling of product& services by businesses and consumers through an electronic medium, without using any paper documents is called E-commerce.

Q 10. How computers can be used in marketing?
Ans. Much on marketing has gone online. Social media marketing, website development, blogging, advertising, e-newsletters have all become swift means of marketing in an increasingly globalized society.

Q 11. Enlist some uses of computer at home?
Ans.  Uses of computer at home
  • Home budget
  • Computer Games
  • Working from Home
  • Entertainment
  • Information
  • Communication

Q 12. How computers can be used for airline system?
Ans. Computers use in airline system
  • Passenger Services
  • Airport Services
  • Air Traffic
  • Plane Mechanics

Q 13. Describe some features of computer?
Ans. Features of computer
  • Speed
  • Storage
  • Accuracy
  • Diligence
  • Versatility
  • No.IQ

Q 14. Define monitoring system in hospitals?
Ans. It is a system used in hospitals, to monitor the vital signs of a patient, in emergency and operations theaters. It helps the doctors and surgeons to decide about the medicines or preliminary measurements about the health of a patient.

Q 15. Differentiate between CAD&CAM?
Ans. CAD is used to develop the model or design of specific product and CAM technology is used in production or manufacturing of such products.

Written by: Asad Hussain  &  Muhammad Jawad


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