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Intermediate English XI Synonyms Ch 5 The Piece of String

Intermediate English XI Synonyms Ch 5 The Piece of String

Intermediate English XI Synonyms Ch 5 The Piece of String

Page No 32:
Market: day, trade, business day.                           
Gigs: two wheeled one wheel carriage.            
Dump carts: heavy duty, trucks.                            
Appetizing: tempting,irritating.                         
Odour: aroma, fragrance.              
Appetite: hunger.                       
Affairs: exchange, exhibition.             
Favorable: conducive, suitable.               
Discuss: debate.                                               
Attentive: alert, concentrating.               
Announcement: declaration, proclamation.   
Inhabitants: resides, dwellers.                      
Caretaker: custodian, guardian.         
Appeared:  showed up.                                     
Stout: plump, fleshy.               
Suspicion: skepticism, mistrust, harnesses man.       
Credence: belief, trust, confidence.  
Mistook: misjudge, miscalculate.

Page No 33:
Furiously: wrathfully, indignantly.                            
At least: testify, affirm.                                            
Exasperating: annoying, irritating.                          
Salvation: redemption, rescue.                               
Chocked: suffocate, stifle.                                  
Indignation: rage, fury, anger.                                 
Maintained: insisted on.                                             
Warning: notice, threat.                                         
Statement: declaration.                                               
Presentation: display, exhibition.                             
Adventure: enterprise episode.                                    
Incredulity: disbelief, doubt.                                    
Neighborhood: locality, vicinity, surrounding.                
Triumph: victory, success.                                       
Grief: pain, distress.                                                     
Grieved: hurt, saddened, crushed, distress.              
Shameful: disgraceful, mean, dishonorable.            
Excuses: justifications, pretence.                             
Disgrace: humiliation, dishonor.                                
Esteem: egoism, respecter, self-esteem.                   
Consumed: eaten up, used.                                           
Wasted: away, weakened.                                       
Campaign: expedition, war.                                      
Touched: affected influence.                                    
Delirium: frenzy, hysteric.                                             
Claiming: maintaining, asses, declaring.                   
Reiterating: repeating, restating.

Page No 34:
Wrath: anger, fury, rage.                                         
Belongings: possessions, assets.                         
Withstood: endured, bore.                                      
Havoc: destruction, devastation, damage.                  
Engraved: carved, inscribed, imprinted.                  
Tombstone: monument.

Written By: Asad Hussain