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ICS Computer Notes Part 1 Chapter 1 (Basics of Information Technology) Short Questions from Past Papers

ICS Computer Notes Part 1 Chapter 1 (Basics of Information Technology) Short Questions from Past Papers

Q 1. What is data processing?
Ans. Converting raw form of data into meaningful information is called data processing. Computer machines are used as data processor.

Q 2. What is application software?
Ans. The software which is used to solve different problems of the user is called application software. They are specially developed to perform a specific task.

Q 3. What is a plotter?
Ans. Plotters are the printers which are used to output the high quality graphics and normally are used in printing of drawings, maps, circuit diagrams. The engineering fields like civil, mechanical and electronics are using these printers very efficiently. There are two types of plotters i.e. flatbed plotter and drum plotters.

Q 4. What is meant by input devices?
Ans. The parts of computer which are used to feed data into computer system are known as input devices. Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner and Mic are the input devices.

Q 5. What is computer?
Ans. Computer is an electronic device. Operating under the control of instructions, it can accepts data as in input, processes the data according to predefined rules, produces results, and stores the results for future use.

Q 6. What do you mean by QWERTY?
Ans. QWERTY is a standard type of keyboard which is used with PC computer and laptops. This keyboard has 103 key in standard and the first six keys of top row of this keyboard is QWERTY So it is called QWERTY keyboard.

Q 7. What are different types of printers?
Ans.  There are two major types of printer.
          1. Impact printer                
          2. Non-impact printer

Q 8. Write the name of all output devices?
Ans. The peripheral devices which are used to return the output are called output devices. Printer, plotters, projectors, monitors screen and speakers are commonly used out put devices.

Q 9. What is touch pad or track pad?
Ans. In laptops and notebooks a little pad is placed under the keypad, this pad is pressure sensitive with touch technology. When user presses figure on the surface of pad, the pointer on the screen moves.

Q 10. What is system software?
Ans. The software which is specially designed to control the system, hardware and to manage the application software is called system software. Operating system, utility software, language translators and device drivers are the examples of system software.

Q 11. Define the term hardware?
Ans. All the physical parts of computer are called hardware. These are manufactured by physical materials. They have some weight, occupy some space and can be touched.

Q 12. What is computer animation?
Ans. Animation is appearance of series of text, images and other drawing objects which are arranged in a sequence and create motion and the objects look like moving object.

Q 13. What is operating system?
. An operating system is a set of programs that work together to coordinate all the activities among computer hardware resources. Most operating systems perform similar functions that include starting and shutting down a computer, providing a user interface, managing programs, managing memory, coordinating tasks, configuring devices and establishing an Internet connection.

Q 14. What is data?
Ans. Data is raw, unorganized facts that need to be processed. Data can be something simple and seemingly random and useless until it is organized. In statistics we define data as “Data is the collection of raw facts and figures about any object”.

Q 15. Define in information technology?
Ans. Information technology is a technology that is involved in processing data and distribution of information using networks. This technology is concerned with development, maintenance and use of computer systems, software and networks.

Q 16. What are non-impact printers?
Ans. A non-impact printer uses the printing technique other than striking or punching the paper. Some of the non-impact printers spray ink, while others use heat or pressure to create images.

Q 17. List out the different components of SDLC?
Ans. System Development Life Cycle is a process of developing system through a multi-step  process from investigation of initial requirements  through analysis, design, implementation and maintenance.

Q 18. Describe the stages of SDLC?
. 1.  Preliminary Investigation
     2.  Feasibility study
     3.  System analysis
     4.  System designing
     5.  Development of software
     6.   System testing
     7.   Implementation
     8.   Maintenance

Q 19. What is digital camera?
Ans. The webcam or digital camera is a camera device which enable the user to record videos or still pictures in the computer. This device is broadly used for video communication.

Q 20. What is biometrics input?
Ans. These devices are used to input the physical or behavioral characteristics of a person in the computer. These devices can scan fingerprints, hand geometry, facial features, voice, signatures, and eye patterns.

Q 21. State the purpose of ATM?
Ans. The ATM is abbreviation of Automated Teller Machine, it works like a cashier in a bank and it is operated through an ATM card. ATM card is use to get cash, transfer funds, get balance statement and get prepaid cards for mobile phones.

Q 22. How is hardware different from software?
Ans. The hardware is all the physical parts of the computer and software are the non-physical parts, so hardware exits physically but software does not exists physically. Hardware are made of physical materials
but software are made of instructions.

Q 23. Differentiate between data and information?
Ans. Data is a collection of raw facts and figures about an object and when data is processed it becomes information. Data is normally huge in volume but information is less in volume. Data is unorganized and information is organized form of data.

Q 24. Define pointing devices?
Ans. A pointer represents a small symbol on the screen. It usually appears on the screen on Graphical User Interface environment. A pointing device is an input device. It is used to control the movement of the pointer or cursor on the screen.

Q 25. What is the use of output devices?
 Ans. The parts of computer used to return the output after processing are called output devices. Monitor, printers, projectors and speakers are the output devices. These devices show or print the result after processing.

Q 26. Describe microphone?
Ans. We can feed our voice in the computer with the help of microphone. This device is widely used in voice communication and voice chat. We also can record our voice with the help of this devices.

Q 27. Give some examples of operating system?
Ans. Operating system is an system software, MS-Windows, Dos, Unix and Linux are the examples of Operating system.

Q 28. Differentiate between bit and byte?
Ans. BIT is basic unit of computer memory and is abbreviation of Binary Digit and byte is collection of bits. One Byte consists of 8 bits.

Q 29. Describe print queue?
Ans. Print queue is the list of printing  jobs  that are stored in RAM and waiting for printing. It maintains the most current status of all active and pending print jobs.

Q 30. What is display screen? Type any two types of display screens?
Ans. Display screen is an output device used to show the output from computer. Monitor &LCD are most popularly used display screens.

Q 31. How is printer resolutions measured?
Ans. The resolution of a printer is measure in DPI (dot per inch) mean how much dots a printer print in one inch. The magnetized ink is very much in exercise to print special words on sensitive documents.

Written by: Asad Hussain  &  Muhammad Jawad