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ICS Computer Notes Part 1 Chapter 8 (Word Processing) Short Questions from Past Papers

                  ICS Computer Notes Part 1 Chapter 8

(Word Processing) Short Questions from Past Papers

Q 1. What is meant by word processing?
Ans. Word processing is step by step procedure to create, edit and format documents in computer system. In words processing we can process text, images, graphics, tables, sounds and charts.

Q 2. What are header and footer?
Ans. This option is used to display text or images on top or bottom of every page of the document. Header portion is top portion and footer portion is bottom portion.

Q 3. What is paragraph formatting?
Ans. Paragraph formatting means to change the formatting of the whole paragraph. We can change the line spacing, indentation and paragraph spacing.

Q 4. Explain about margins?
Ans. A margin is a blank space separating text or other elements of the document from the edge of the paper, the margins are commonly adjusted through the page setup.

Q 5. Why fonts are used?
Ans. A font is the combination of typeface and other qualities, such as size, pitch, and spacing. Fonts are used to change size, style and face of the text in the document. The fonts are used to make attractive documents.

Q 6. What is undo command?
Ans. This command is used to reverse the last action performed by the user. CTRL+Z are the shortcut key for undo command. The Undo command doesn’t work when there’s nothing to undo, or if something simply cannot be undone.

Q 7. What do you meant by indent?
Ans. This is paragraph formatting settings, it make the paragraph spacing or distance from left, or right side margin of the document.

Q 8. What is text editor?
Ans. Text editor is application software, which is used to type and edit text. Notepad is most popular text editor software.

Q 9. What is mail merge?
Ans. This feature is used to generate multiple copies of same documents for different recipients. For example a class teacher wants to print the result card of the students. Here the specimen of the result card will be same but the data of each student will be changed. So Mail merge can be used to generate such documents.

Q 10. List some uses of word processor?
Ans. Word processor is used to type, edit, format and print the documents. We can use word processor to type letters, application, develop brochures, newsletters, compose a book and variety of tasks.

Q 11. Explain Undo and Redo command?
Ans. Undo command is used to move selected text, graphics or other objects to clipboards, while copy command create duplicate of the selected object to clipboard.

Q 12. Distinguish between save and save as command?
Ans. Save command is used to save the opened document, while save as command is used to save duplicate copy of opened document.

Q 13. Define Title Bar?
Ans. The title bar shows the name of the opened document on screen. When a new document is started, word gives it a generic name like “Document 1”

Q 14. What is clipboard?
Ans. Clipboard is a powerful feature of application software to store data temporarily. If user wishes to move selected data from one location of the document to other or wants to create duplicate of the data, then clipboard is used.

Q 15. Define Macros?
Ans. Macro is shortcut for series of actions to perform the specific tasks repeatedly. We can record the macros and then can play them to repeat these actions again and again.

Q 16. Write shortcut key to print a document?
Ans. CTRL+P is the shortcut key used for printing in MS-word as well as in other documents.

Written by: Asad Hussain  &  Muhammad Jawad


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