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Intermediate F.Sc F.A ICS English XI Synonyms A Mild Attack of Locusts

Intermediate English XI Synonyms A Mild Attack of Locusts

Mild:          slight.
Gazed:        stare, glare, looked steadily.
Rocky:       stony, rough, pebbly.
Levels:       surfaces.
Streak:       strip, line, band.
Yelled:        shouted, screamed, hollered.
Beat:          strike, hit.
Ploughshare: part of plough.
Hanging:    slinging.
Summon:    call, sent for.
Laborers:    workers, drudges.
Crisis:         calamity, catastrophe, emergency, disaster, difficulty.
Collect:       gather, get, obtain.
Clamour:     commotion, noise, clatter, uproar.
Gong: bell,   alarm, signal, chime.
Pouring out: streaming, thronging, crowding.
Compound:  enclosure.
Pointing:      indicating.
Excitedly:    agitatedly.
Farmlands:   farms, plantation, lands.
Piles:            heaps, masses bundles, accumulation, collection.
Prepared:    arranged, made ready, developed.
Patches:       plots, areas, farmlands.
Bared:         uncovered, empty.
Mealies:     ears of corn.
Bright:        vivid, intense, rich, glowing.
Film:            layer.
Drifted:       floated, rose, soared.
Thick:          dense.
Acrid:          bitter, sour, pungent, stinging.
Advancing:  progressing, proceeding, forwarding.
Swelling:     spreading, expanding.
Overlook:    ignore, neglect, turn a blind eye to.
Fair:             just, sincere, upright, proper.
Warn:           inform, let know, warning.
Countryside: farmland, rural area.
Myriads:     numerous, innumerable, countless, many.
Darkening: getting dark.
Strange:       odd, unusual.
Blazing:       glaring, burning.
Veldt:          grassland, forest, woodland.
Distorted:   deformed, perverted, tampered, scattered.
Oppressive: burdensome, stuffy, close, airless, suffocating, over powering.
Heaviness:  intensity, pressure, burden.
Veils:           curtains, screens, films, covering.
Swarm:         flock, group, herd, thong, collection.
Dense:         thick, heavy concentrated, murky.
Wondering:  thinking, pondering, reflecting, meditating.
Finished:      ruined, wrecked, ravaged, destroyed.
Blade:           leaf.
Settle:          fixed.
Thirsty:        difficult, hard, tough, laborious.
Queer:          uncommon, strange, odd, unusual.
Still:             motionless, unmoving, stationary, static.
Clotted:       filled, covered.
Heavy:         full of, loaded.
Boughs:       branches, off shoot.
Crawling:     creeping, trailing, moving slowly.
Blotted out:  fainted, darkened, dimmed, shadowed, obscured.
Onrush:        rush, wave, attack, storming, forward dash.
Perverted:   deformed, distorted, tampered, unusual.
Sharp:         piercing, shrill, harsh.
Crack:         smash, crash, bang.
Snapped off: cracked, broken away, separated.
Leaned:      bent, bow.
Hail:           shower, bombardment, storm, rain.
Flat:           Completely.
Hoppers:   young locust.
Stray:        wandering, strayed, roaming.
Split down: killed, burst.
Imagine:    think, visualize.
Multiply:    swell, expand, enlarge.
March:       advance.
Lucky:        fortunate,
Fearfully:   frightenedly.
Emphatically: emphasizingly, forcefully, vigorously, ardently, fervently.
Sake:         respect, regard, account, consideration.
Pattern:     design, order, sequence, arrangement.
Whizzing:   buzzing, hissing.
Masses:    bodies, mobs, multitudes, piles, heaps.
Preferred: chosen, liked better, favored, opted.
Replanted: re-grown, re-cultivated.
Spring:       grow, sprout.
Otherwise: or else, if not.
Weather:    atmospheric conditions, humidity, dryness, cloudiness, temperature, windiness, raininess.
Imminent:  impending, forthcoming, coming.
Survivor:    a person or thing that survives.
Devastated: wrecked, wasted, ruined, ravaged.
Mangled:   distorted, destroyed, disfigured.
Ruin:          devastation, wreck, havoc, decay.
Appetite:    hunger, desire.
Worse:       serious.

Written By: Asad Hussain