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Keywords in C++

                               Keywords in C++

The predefined words of the C++ that are used for special purposes in the program are called keywords.
Keywords are always written in lowercase. There are 63 keywords in C++. A list is given below.
asm                      auto                  bool                    break                    case                  catch
char                     class                 const                   const_cast            continue            default
delete                   do                    double                 dynamic_cast       else                   enum
explicit                 export              extern                 false                      float                  for
friend                   goto                  if                         inline                      int                     long
mutable                namespace      new                     operator                private              protected
public                   register            reinterpret_cast return                    short                 signed
sizeof                   static                static_cast          struct                     switch               template
this                       throw               true                     try                          typedef             typeid
typename             union               unsigned             using                      virtual               void
volatile                 wchar_t           while. 

Written By: Asad Hussain