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Intermediate FSc FA ICS English XI Synonyms A Visit to a Small Planet

            Intermediate FSc FA ICS English XI Synonyms

                            A Visit to a Small Planet

Luminous:                      bright, radiant, illuminated
Arcs:                              bent, angled, curved
Dissolves:                     disappears
Comfortably:                  luxuriously, softly
Balanced:                       adjusted, symmetrical
Expensively:                  dearly, costly
Decorated:                     adorned, embellishment, ornamented
Homely:                           plain, simple, ordinary, everyday, natural
Concluding:                     ending, closing, winding up
Broadcast:                      transmission, telecast
Unctuous:                        glib, honey-tongued, flattering
Resonant:                       vibrant
Bored:                             tiresome, tedious, dull
Vague:                             absent-minded, silly, unintelligent
Passively:                        indifferently, inertly, latently
Lively:                             cheerful, agile, nimble, spirited, active, energetic
Fidgets:                            twitches, moves, restlessly, frets, flaps
Irresponsible:                   careless, thoughtless, reckless
Conjecture:                       guess, hypothesis, judgment, supposition, prediction
Meteor:                             a shooting star, a comet
Orbit:                                 circle, sphere, rotation, path
Secret:                                confidential, private, hidden
Lunatic:                              mad, insane, absurd, senseless
Suggested:                          proposed, recommended, opined 
Doubtful:                            unsure, uncertain
Capable:                             complement, able, qualified
Exact:                                 precise, accurate
Winds up:                           ends, concludes

Homestead:                        a farmhouse

Pulse beat:                          palpitate, throb, thump, pulse

Wearily:                              tiredly, exhaustively

Heartiness:                         cordiality, warmth, friendliness, sociability

Flattering:                           boosting, praising, welcoming

Starve:                               die of hunger

Virtue:                                goodness, merit, ethics

Get up and go:                    ambition, strength, resolution efficiency, spirit

Precisely:                            accurately

Serpent:                              snake

Ungrateful:                          UN-thankful, rude, impolite

Deadly:                               mortal, fatal, lethal, harmful, dangerous

Stand by:                            back up, support, favour, confirm

Headache:                          trouble, vexation, inconvenience

Reason:                              use logic on, argue with

Miss Know it all:                genius, mastermind, intellectual

Eluded:                              evaded, escaped, avoided

Ambitious:                         enterprising, eager, desirous

Make his mark:                 prosper, make good, succeed

Breathlessly:                      pantingly, gaspingly

Apparently:                       seemingly, manifestly

Odds:                               probabilities, chances

Cellar:                              storeroom, basement

Optical:                            pertaining to sight, optometric

Illusion:                             deception, delusion, misconception, misjudgement

Mass:                               large-scaled, popular, widespread

Hysteria:                           frenzy, fit of agitation, fit of madness, loos of control

Wide eyed:                       amazed, taken aback, astonished, stunned

Swallows:                         accepts, believes, trusts

Blazing:                            burning, flaming, flaring
Ominously:                       threateningly, alarmingly
Creature:                         person, fellow, human being
Monster:                         devil, evil, giant, ghost, mythical creature
Mild:                               tender, amiable, sense, gentle
Side whiskers:                 side burns
Costume:                        dress, outfit, robes, garments, clothes
Trifle:                              a little, bit, to some extent
Tired:                              fatigued, drained, worn out, exhausted
Collect:                           gather, muster, assemble
Accent:                           intonation, pronunciation, articulation
Evasively:                        indirectly, misleadingly
Publicity:                         promotion, advertising, public notice
Stunt:                              trick, display
Consent:                         acceptance, assent, willingness
Terribly:                          extremely, dreadfully, awfully
Pick up:                          sense, perceive, get to know
Torn:                              troubled, agitated, upset, alarmed
Extraordinary:                exceptional, unusual, peculiar
Development:                growth, progress
Civilization:                    advancement, progress, development
Blandly:                         in a hushed / murmured manner
Patronizing:                   snobbish, proud
Endearing:                     pleasurable, captivating, engaging, dear
Primitive:                       ancient, old, antique
Traits:                           features, characteristics, qualities, attributes 
Vigorous:                      strong, energetic, dynamic, active, animated
Troops:                         army, military, soldiers, armed person
Joker:                           clown, comic, comedian, funny person
Flying saucer:               spaceship
Feathers:                      plum, crest, tuft
Oblige:                         render a service, help, assist do one a favour
Fragile:                         delicate, infirm, frail, weak
Spy:                             detective, secret agent, enemy agent
Hostile:                         antagonistic, opposed
Alien:                            outsider, stranger, nonnative, foreigner
Heavily:                        strongly, severely, violently
Elliptical:                       oval, curved, egg-shaped
Diameter:                      breadth, width, thickness
Instruments:                   tools, devices
Theory:                         mechanism, system, scheme
Twirls:                           spins, twists, rotates, whirls
Censorship:                   Concealment, suppression, confinement
Martial:                         concerning, military / armed forces / army
Hunch:                          idea, intuition, feeling
Advanced:                    highly developed, modern
Bitterly:                         coldly, spitefully, angrily
Leak out:                      seep, flow out, run off
Intergalactic:                 occurring between galaxies
Stuff:                            information, data, facts
Imposter:                     fraud, cheater, rogue,deceiver
Mechanically:               automatically, casually, unconsciously
Reservation:                 territory, tract, area, preserve
Crisis:                           issue, affair, difficulty
Exciting:                        vexing, provoking, irritating
Dimension:                    direction, side
Security:                       safety, protection, defense
Preparatory:                 prior to, in preparation of
Invasion:                       attack, raid, assault
Lunatic:                        mad, stupid, fool, insane
Pinning:                        fixing, attaching, fastening
Startled:                       stunned, alarmed, shocked
Gad:                            roam, wander, travel around
Seldom:                       sometimes, scarcely, rarely
Impromptu:                 spontaneous, unprepared, improvised
Impulse:                     sudden desire, spur of the moment, whim, notion
Determine:                 settle, resolve, decide
Commentator:            reporter, broadcaster, newscaster
Hangs up:                   cut off
Far off:                       distant, far away
Hosts:                         landlord, landlady, housekeeper
Project:                      scheme, plan, program
Relatively:                 referable, belonging, near
Involved:                    complicated, knotty
Exciting:                     inspiring, stimulating, thrilling, sensational
Deliriously:                 hysterically, passionately, extremely
Dull:                           gloomy, dark, dismal
Divine:                        holy, lovely, admirable, glorious, majestic
Blow up:                     explode, blast, break open
Force field:                 ship, flying ship
Snarls:                        howls, growls
Giddy:                        dizzy, faint, unsteady
Awful:                         exceptional, thrilling, sensational
Intoxicate:                  thrill, stupefy, inflame, excite, animate
Seethe:                       bubble, foam, boil
Unlikely:                     improbable, unconvincing, questionable
Sordid:                        shameful, foul, ignoble, disgraced
Purple:                        brilliant, splendid, superb, exceptional
Disposition:                settlement, control, disposal
Communication:         information transmission, contact
Unsupportable:           unbearable, intolerable, unendurable
Fears:                          apprehensions, doubts, agitation
Race:                           nation, people, ethnic group
Remotely:                   slightly, somewhat, a little
Perverse:                    awkward, unreasonable, unruly, stubborn
Accounting for:           answering for, accountability
Native:                        local, citizen, national, inhabitant
Grimly:                       fiercely, harshly, sternly, mercilessly.
Express:                     sole, explicit, obvious, clear
Reconnoitering:         surveying, investigating, examining, inspecting
Prior:                          before, until, preceding
Invasion:                    attack, raid, assault
Assumption:              supposition, belief, guess, presumption
Deny:                         negate, nullify, refute, turn down
Intend:                       aim, think of, plan
Establishing:             setting up, creating, forming
Peculiar to:                exclusive to, typical of, special to
Criticizing:                 censuring, finding fault with, disapproving
Approve:                   commend, favor, praise
Dominate:                 rule, govern, control, preside over, command
Ridiculous:                funny, foolish, absurd
Grabs:                       grasp, clutch, grip
Savage:                     ferocious, vicious, wild, brutal
Vibrating:                  banging, pounding
Wicked:                    bad, undisciplined, unruly, naughty

Written By: Asad Hussain