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ICS Notes Computer Science Part 2 Chapter 5 Introduction to Microsoft Access Short Questions

ICS Notes Computer Science Part 2 Chapter 5 Introduction to Microsoft Access Short Questions

Q 1. What is Microsoft Access?
Ans. It is one of the most popular and powerful DBMS. It provides the features to the users to create and maintain databases. We can create tables, forms, queries and reports using MS Access.

Q 2. What is wizard?
Ans. A wizard is a helper application that makes performing complex tasks easier. A wizard has a simple decision in a window, which has back and next buttons underneath. When you have filled in the required data, you click the next button to go to the next window, or you can click the back button to change your previous decision.

Q 3. What is menu bar?
Ans. It is the second bar from top. It consists of many words. Each word on this bar represents a menu. Every word on this bar also has a character underlined. This underlined character represents the short cut key combination for that particular menu.

Q 4. What is database object?
Ans. A component of database system is known as database object. These database objects are used to manage data.

Q 5. What is a table?
Ans. Table is a collection of rows and columns. All the intersection points of rows and columns are called cells. In these cells data can be stored. Each column of table represents a field. Each field is specified to store a particular type of data. Table can be viewed in different ways but most commonly used are datasheet view and design view.

Q 6. What is a query?
Ans. Query is a database object used to get data from the database. In query we can specify a certain criteria to get the required data. The actual objective of data storage is that it can be retrieved when ever required. Using query object data can also be deleted and updated.

Q 7. What is a form?
Ans. The window that is used to enter data into the database is called a form. Using form data can be entered, edited and even viewed in Microsoft Access. Data entered in forms directly goes to the tables. Forms are always made after table creation. The fields on forms are linked to the table fields.

Q 8.  What are reports?
Ans. Reports are database objects used to represents queried data in a presentable format. Not all but most of the RDBMS provides this facility to its users. Reports can be generated on the basis of tables and queries. We can apply formatting on the reports to make them more presentable and understandable.

Q 9. What is an IDE?
Ans. IDE stands for integrated development environment. It is a simple and easy way to do a task. It presents graphical objects like buttons, icons and menus to perform certain operations. Using IDE a new user and programmer can easily do their jobs. MS Access also provides the same facility for its users.

Written by: Asad Hussain