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ICS Notes Computer Science Part 2 Chapter 7 Microsoft Access Forms and Reports Short Questions

ICS Notes Computer Science Part 2 Chapter 7 Microsoft Access Forms and Reports Short Questions

Q 1. What is a form?
Ans. A window that consists of visual components for input and displays data is called form. A form is constructed from a collection of individual design elements. These elements are called controls. The common elements are text boxes, labels, check boxes etc, these elements are used for different purposes.

Q 2. Write a few uses of Form?
Ans. Form is used to add data in the database. It is used to delete data from the database. Using form data can included in the database. Data can be viewed using forms. Data can also be searched with the help of forms. Forms are also used as a custom dialog box that accepts user input and carries out an action based on the input.

Q 3. What is a sub form?
Ans. The sub form is a form that is placed in a parent form. The parent form is called the main form. Sub form is also called child form. It is useful for the tables when they have relationship of one to many. The table having foreign key is used for sub-form.

Q 4. What is conditional formatting? 
Ans. The conditional formatting is a special  type of formatting. This formatting depends on the control's value and can be added to text boxes, lists and combo boxes.

Q 5. What is a report?
Ans. Reports are the output of database application. The user can generate different types of reports by manipulating the database.

Q 6. What is linking?
Ans. The process of linking in MS Access creates a link to an object in another database table. In this method table is not copied from its original location but just linked.

Q 7. What is a switch board?
Ans. A switchboard is essentially a Microsoft Access form that allows you to facilitate navigation or perform tasks within your database application. This form is basically a customized menu that contain user-defined commands, using either buttons, labels, images or hyperlinks, that involve actions that will automatically carry out tasks for you such as opening other forms, naming queries or printing reports.

Q 8. What is keyboard shortcuts?
Ans. Keyboard shortcuts are the combinations of keys that are used to perform different tasks. They can save time and effort.

Q 9. What is input mask?
Ans. An input mask controls the value of a cell to store it into a specific format e.g. a database required to store a date field in a dd/mm/yy format. It will be represented with input mask __/__/__.

Q 10. Define tabular form briefly?
Ans. In tabular forms multiple records are displayed with fields in columns and records in rows. Each row represents a record. It is best for the situation when you want to display a few records and of narrow fields and you want to see several records at the same time.

Q 11. Define columnar form?
Ans. Form field and label are displayed side by side  in columnar form. In this type of form only one value is displayed at a time. Columnar form provides a record navigation bar to traverse through records.

Q 12. Define Datasheet form?
Ans.  A datasheet form displays data in datasheet view, Each row displays one record at a time. Datasheet form provides record navigation bar to navigate through different records. This type of form is often used for the basis of sub form.

Q 13. What is a list box?
Ans. It is a type of text box. Multiple values can be associated with list box and more than one value can be displayed and selected at the same time.

Q 14. What is a combo box?
Ans. It is a type text box. Multiple values can be associated with combo box but only one value can be displayed and selected at a time.

Q 15. What is a switch board?
Ans. It is a type of form used to display buttons linked to different database objects. These buttons are used to open, close, or modify those objects.

Written by: Asad Hussain


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