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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

FSc Notes Part 1 Biology Branches of Biology

FSc Notes Part 1 Biology Branches of Biology

Branches of Biology

Study of form and structures of different parts of living organisms.

Study of internal gross structure of living organisms.

Study of functions of different parts of body.

Study of tissues with the help of microscope.

Study of cells and their organelles.

Study of hereditary characters and their inheritance.

Study of geographical distribution of animals on earth.

Molecular Biology:
Study of structures of organisms, the cells and organelles at molecular level.

Environmental Biology:
Study of organisms in relation to their environment. This includes interaction between the organisms and their inorganic and organic environment specially it relates to human activities.

Study of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, protozoa etc)

Fresh Water Biology:
Study of life in fresh water bodies( such as ponds, river, lakes etc) and physical and chemical parameters of these water bodies.

Marine Biology:
Study of life in seas, oceans, physical and chemical parameters of the sea.

It deals with the use of living organisms, systems or processes in manufacturing and service industries.

Study of parasites i.e., structure, mode of transmission, life histories, host parasite relationship.

Study of fossils and their relation with evolution of life on earth.

Study of formation and development of embryos.

Study of origin of new species by diversification of older ones.

It deals with the naming and classification of organisms.

Human Biology:
It deals with the study of man. This includes form and structure, functions, histology, anatomy morphology, cell biology, genetics etc. of human beings.

Social Biology:
Study of social behavior and communal life of human beings.

Written by: Asad Hussain

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