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Intermediate Stories The Friends and the Bear

              Intermediate Stories The Friends and the Bear

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Intermediate Stories The Friends and the Bear

Once, there lived two friends Usama and Waleed in a village. They had great love for each other and were determined to help each other in the hour of need. Unfortunately, they were jobless and one day, decided to try their luck somewhere else. So they set off to the town lying many miles away from their homes. In the meanwhile, they vowed to stand by each other on the way.

To reach the town, they had to pass through a thick and dense jungle. They had not gone far when they saw a bear coming towards them, They became frozen with fear. Suddenly, Usama climbed a tree. He got himself at a good height leaving his friend all alone in the danger. Waleed was left on his own. He was at his wits ends. He did not know how to climb a tree in no time. Suddenly, it occurred to him that the bears do not eat the dead. An idea flashed into his mind. By lying down on the ground, he pretended to be dead by holding his breath. The bear came nearer, sniffed him all around and finding no signs of life, went away.

After some time, Usama climbed down and shook Waleed and told him that the danger was over. He also asked amusingly from Waleed, "Dear, what did the bear whisper in your ears?" At this, Waleed replied promptly, "The bear has forbidden me to trust a selfish friend". Saying this, he left Usama and took his own way.


  1. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed.


Written By: Asad Hussain