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Intermediate Stories Three Friends and a Bag of Ornaments

   Intermediate Stories Three Friends and a Bag of Ornaments

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Intermediate Stories Three Friends and a Bag of Ornaments

Once upon a time, three travelers met on a road. They discovered that they had to go in the same direction. So, they decided to travel together. They walked on, sharing their experiences with one another and in a short while, they became good friends. They promised to help each other in the hour of need.

On the way, they had to pass through a thick forest. They were tired after long journey, and the cool shades of trees tempted them to take rest. So, they sat down. Suddenly, they saw something glittering in the sunlight at a distance. They hurried towards it and found that it was a big metal, box full of precious ornaments. Naturally, they got very excited and decided to divide the ornaments among themselves equally. But each wished privately to have all the wealth by himself.

After sometime, they felt hungry and one of them offered to go to nearby village and get food. In his absence, greed took the better of the two and they conspired to kill the third and get all the wealth. Therefore, as soon as the third friend returned, they fell upon him and put him to death instantly. Hardly had they finished the food when they fell on the ground and died. The reason being, wishing to become the sole owner of the wealth, the third friend had added some poison into the food. Their dead bodies teach us a great lesson that greed is a curse and also one of the biggest vices of the world.


  1. As you sow, so shall you reap.

  2. Greed is a curse.

  3. He who digs a pit for others himself falls into it.


Written By: Asad Hussain