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Intermediate Stories A Wealthy Merchant.

                Intermediate Stories A Wealthy Merchant.

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Once there lived a wealthy merchant. His town located near a dense forest. He went on a certain business and earned a handsome cash. When he was returning to his native town through the dense forest, there came a rainstorm. He stopped his horse and got shelter under a tree. He started abusing the rain as it discomforted him in the cold night. However, he restarted his journey as soon as the rain stopped. He had not gone far when he found the way blocked by a fallen tree. Meanwhile he was overtaken by a robber who asked for cash and the horse as well. The merchant didn't want to lose his cash and the horse.

So there was a duel and the robber pulled the trigger of his pistol to kill the merchant luckily the gun powder had become wet by the rain. The robber had to run away. Then the merchant realized that the rain was a blessing in disguise for him.


  • A Blessing in Disguise.


Written By: Asad Hussain