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Monday, 29 December 2014

Quotations By Asad Hussain

                        Quotations By Asad Hussain:

   If you have confidence in yourself, You can achieve anything.
   By: Asad Gujjar

Quote by Asad Hussain

Make up your mind. This clears the fog around you.
By Asad Hussain

Quote Asad Husaain

Everyday is better than the Previous. If it is not then, I will make it better.
By Asad Hussain

Quote By Asad Hussain

Quitting: Does not mean you can not do it, Sometimes it means You do not want to do it.
By Asad Hussain

Quote By Asad Hussain

What is Love?                                                                               Love is a feeling of complete, comfortable and relaxed. In the presense of each other.                                                                  By Asad Hussain

You are Every Move you make. Make a Move.

By Asad Hussain

Written By: Asad Hussain


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