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Intermediate Stories The Farmer and his Sons.

             Intermediate Stories The Farmer and his Sons.

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An old farmer lived in a village with his three sons. The sons were grown up and healthy, but they used to quarrel with one another all the time. The father tried his best to bring harmony among them. But even his best efforts proved fruitless in bringing peace among them.

It so happened that he fell seriously ill one day. In fear of being dead soon. the father thought of a plan to teach them a lesson about the worth of unity for the last time. He summoned his sons and asked them to bring some sticks of equal length with them. When the sons did the same, he tied them into a bundle and asked them to break it one by one. All of them tried their best to do what they were told but remained unsuccessful.

At this the father smiled and said, "Well, my sons! Now untie the bundle and try to break the sticks separately", In no time, the sticks of the bundle were reduced to small pieces. It was the time that the old man was waiting for, so, he said, "My sons! You see, when the sticks were tied together, nobody could break them. Once, they were separated, it became easy to break them. Thus, together you rise and individual you die. "These words touched the hearts of his sons deeply. They at once realized their mistakes and understood what their father wanted them to learn. Henceforth, they always remained united and powerful.


  • Union is Strength.


Written By: Asad Hussain