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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Intermediate F.Sc F.A ICS English XI Synonyms Ozymandias

 Intermediate F.Sc F.A ICS English XI Synonyms Ozymandias

Antique: old, ancient, distant, of olden times, of historical interest.
Bare: uncovered, clear, naked, exposed.
Boundless: unlimited, endless, infinite, limitless, unceasing, immense, vast.
Cold: cruel, savage, brutal, callous, ruthless, pitiless, harsh, barbaric.
Cold Command: order showing indifference, merciless decree, harsh bidding.
Colossal: huge, gigantic, great, enormous, massive.
Decay: rotten, decomposed, run down, ruined, destroyed, destruction, perish, crumble.
Despair: disappoint, frustration, hopelessness, anguish, gloom, desolation, despondency.
Far Away: distant, farther.
Frown: Scowl, angry look, crease.
Sunk: concealed, covered, buried, hidden.
Lone: deserted, solo, distinct, lonely, desolate, barren, isolated, remote, uninhabited.
Mighty: forceful, powerful, vigorous, great.
Mocked: reproduce, duplicate, imitated, mimicked.
Passions: emotions, sentiments, feelings, disposition, temper, state of mind.
Round: on all sides, around, about.
Sculptor: engraver, carver, idol maker.
Sculpture: a statue.
Shattered: broken, smashed, demolished, chipped, traumatized, devastated, crushed.
Sneer: contemptuous look, deride.
Stamped: imprinted, emboss, mark.
Stretch: spread, extend.
Survive: live, remain, last, endure.
Trunk Less: torso, bodiless.
Vast: huge, large in size.
Visage: countenance, facial features.
Winkled: marked with wrinkles, furrowed.
Wreck: ruins, remnants, fragments, pieces.
Pedestal: base, foundation, pillar, column.

Written By: Asad Hussain

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