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Intermediate F.Sc F.A ICS English XI Synonyms Ch 6 The Reward

       Intermediate English XI Synonyms Ch 6 The Reward

Pg # 38

Opportunity: favorable time, chance.
Determination: firmness, fortitude.
Determined: resolute, zealous.
Stuck: pursue, cling, fasten.
Organize: arrange, develop.
Competition: contest, match, tournament.
 Motive: target, objective, purpose.
Ambition: desire, aim.
Appointed: designated, nominated, selected.
Customs: rituals, conventions.
Athlete: sportsman, gymnast.
Wild: rash, reckless, violent.
Hurdles: hedges, fences, railings.
Argued: differed, opposed.

Pg #39

Preach: declare, announce.
Glory: prestige, majesty.
Throne: royal, seat, sovereignty.
Wore Down: reduced, overcame.
Exhibiting: demonstrating, displaying, presenting.
Strengthen: toughen, stiffen, give strength.
Rights: privileges, interests, benefits.
Victorious: winning, triumphant.
Accursed: damned, cursed.
Duly: properly, correctly.
Created: generated, originated, initiated.
Inaugurate: launch, initiate.
Cheap: economical. low priced.
Ceremony: celebration, ritual.
Gay: bright, richly colored.
Wound: intertwined, knoffed, interlaced.
Arranged: ordered, lined up, organized.
Polished: gleaming, sparkling.
Splendid: grand, magnificent.
Utterly: totally, completely, entirely.
Crowing: completion, perfection.
Melancholy: sad, gloomy, sorrowful.

Pg # 40

Lean On: bent, recline, repose.
Slightly: a little, somewhat.
Expressions: impressions.
Royal: Majestic, sovereign.
Applause: clapping, cheering, ovation.
Broke Out: started.
Assuring: ensuring, confirming.
Expected: demanded, required.
Bows: compliments, inclination of the body.
Uttered: let out, gave,emitted.
Sigh: moan, groan.
Mourning: lamenting, grieving.
Given Up: abandoned, left off.

Written By: Asad Hussain