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Monday, 12 January 2015

Intermediate F.Sc F.A ICS English XI Synonyms Times

                Intermediate English XI Synonyms Times

Break down: demolish, destroy, lose.
Build up: construct, develop, enlarge, expand.
Cast away: jettison, discard, give up, throw away, reject, fling away, toss away, hurl away.
Dance: enjoy, be pleased, get pleasure.
Ecclesiastes: a chapter of Bible.
Embrace: grip, clinch, cuddle, hug, adopt, welcome, clasp, enfold, grasp.
Gather: collect, bring together, congregate, assemble.
Get: acquire, obtain, achieve.
Keep: contain, possess, retain, have.
Lose: deprived of, suffer a loss, be defeated.
Plant: sow, cultivate, grow, raise.
Pluck opp: gather, harvest, reap, garner.
Purpose: aim, goal, plan, objective, mission, target, motive, intention, cause, function.
Refrain: abstain, avoid, keep from, desist, renounce.
Rend: tear, rip, rive, shred, split, slit, scratch, slash.
Season: time, period, term, spell.
Sew: fasten, join, stitch, mend, darn, baste.
The heaven: sky.
Weep: cry, moan, wail, howl, blubber.

Written By: Asad Hussain

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