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Intermediate FSc FA ICS English XI Synonyms Heat Lightning

Intermediate FSc FA ICS English XI Synonyms Heat Lightning

Drab:                 dull, dark, colorless, cheerless, dismal, gloomy, sombre.
Interior:             inside, inner, inward, internal.
Deserted:          abandoned, desolate, forlorn, isolated, lonely.
Rear:                 back, behind, other side.
Pane:                 sheet.
Overhanging:    projecting, overspreading, covering.
Schedule:           timetable, plan, catalog, chart, record.
Dull:                  blur, faint, fade, feeble, foggy, dim.
Flashed:            blazes, flames.
Bursts:              blasts, bang, crack.
Thunder:            bang, blast, clap, crash, roar.
Dims:                dull, faint, blur, fade.
Feebly:              faintly, dimly, foggy.
Bare:                empty, barren.
Glances:           looks, gazes, glimpses.
Peers:               peeps, goggle, gaze, stare.
Discarded:       rejected, thrown away, waste, junked, cast off.
Casually:         carelessly, by the way, indifferently, thoughtlessly.
Rushes:           dashes, hastens, hurries.
Sobbing:           weeping, blubbering, moaning.
Slamming:       shutting.
Bolt:                 latch, lock, rivet.
Disheveled:    disordered, untidy, uncombed.
Hysterically:    madly, frantically.
Terrible:          horrible, dreadful.
Calm:               pacify, appease, cool, compose.
Recovered:     improves, restore, retrieve.
Probably:         possibly, likely.
Flashlight:       torch.
Breaks off:     stops speaking.
Shudders:       trembles, shivers, quivers.
Pull off:           draw away, draw off.
Lane:              course, passage, road, route, track, way, narrow road.
Dragged:         pulled. trailed, tugged.
Dreadful:         alarming, appalling, atrocious, awful, frightful, fearful.
Crash:              burst, clash, clang, clatter, bang, thunder.
Scared:            afraid, alarmed, fearful, horrified.
Screamed:       shrieked, shouted, cried out, yelled.
Splashing:       spattering, splattering.
Faint:               collapse, lose consciousness, black out.
Crazy:             insane, mad, lunatic, wild, idiotic.
Woods:            forest.
Nevertheless:  nonetheless, even so, however, regardless.
Immediately:   right away, instantly, promptly, at once.
Describe:         relate, explain, give a description of, detail.
Identity:           recognize, single out, point out, pick out.
Lead:              clue, hint, indication, suggestion.
Upset:             agitated, troubled, disturbed.
Worry:           suffer, be on pins and needles.
Instance:        for example, as an example.
Fix up:           make good, make up.
Brilliant:        bright, shining, radiant, dazzling, lustrous.
Illuminating:  brightening, shining.
Pressed:        squeezed.
Rattles:         clanks, bangs, clatters.
Viciously:       violently, fiercely, devilishly, savagely.
Nondescript: ordinary, uninteresting.'
Stupid:            foolish, dense, dull.
Convey:         transmit, pass on, impart, reveal, disclose.
Conscious:     aware, alert to, sensible of, knowing.
Imagining:     assuming, guessing, suspecting, presuming.
Smart:           clever, bright, shrewd, sharp.
Storm:            gale, tempest, cloudburst, torrent.
Nervousness: uneasiness, anxiety, care, worry.
Bothering:   disturbing, troubling, annoying, vexing, provoking, irritating.
Crack:           bang, pop, crackle, explosion.
Muffled:       suppressed, hushed, silenced, muted, deadened.
Strolls:         walks, goes, advances.
Wonder:        thing, reflect, be curious about.
Suspiciously: doubtfully, skeptically, distrustfully, mistrustful, disbelievingly.
Hum:             buzz, drone, murmur.
Stunned:       astounded, astonished.
Backing away: walking, backwards.
Pulling away: moving away/back, receding, retreating, retiring.
Stares:           gazes, goggles, looks fixedly.
Piercing:        penetrating, sharp, passing, through.
Seizes:          catches, captures, clasps, grasps, clutches.
Pat:               caress, touch, fondle, stroke, pet.
Sharp:          sharpened, cutting.
Play:             flash, blaze. glare, sparkle.
Highlight:     light, illuminate, illumine.

Written By: Asad Hussain


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