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Intermediate F.Sc F.A ICS I.Com English XI Short Questions Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed

Intermediate F.Sc F.A ICS I.Com English XI Short Questions Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed (Ray Bradbury)

Q 1. Why did harry want to go back to Earth?
Ans. Harry wanted to go back to Earth because he felt the danger of unfavorable climate at Mars. He thought if he stayed at the Mars, he would lose his identity.

Q 2. Why did he want to stay?
Ans. Harry has no means to go back. There was no chance of any help, so he was bound to live there. With the passage of time he became similar to the Martians. His eyes grew dark and golden. There was nothing left for him in the Earth settlement.

Q 3. What climate did they face?
Ans. They faced very severe climate. The wind blew as if to destroy their identities. The air burst their house. The boards went out of shape. There was fog at night. It became very hot in summer.

Q 4. What was the condition of the Bittering family on hearing the news of was on Earth?
Ans. On hearing the news of was on Earth they became sad. Core held on to her husband and daughter and started weeping. They felt stranded on Mars. Harry was drenched in sweat.

Q 5. What did they want to grow?
Ans. They wanted to grow crops and raise children until the end of the war. They were hoping for the arrival of rockets.

Q 6. What was the condition of their house?
Ans. The wind did something to their house. The air had burst it. All the boards went out of shape.

Q 7. What was the advice Harry gave to the people?
Ans. Harry advised them to build a rocket to go back to Earth.

Q 8. How much dangerous a Martian virus can be?
Ans. A Martian virus can be very dangerous for earthen people. It can change their appearance and make them lose their earthen identity.

Q 9. Under what circumstances the Bittering family had to pass through?
Ans. The Bittering family were emigrants to Mars. Unfortunately they felt loneliness in the dead cities. The wind blew as if to smash their identities. Harry felt like a salt crystal being washed away in a mountain stream. There was fog at night. All the boards went out of shape. There was a change in their complexion. Harry smelled a Martian virus in the air.

Q 10. How social were the people of Mars?
Ans. They learn English fast. They were completely peaceful. They were very cooperative. They were very friendly.

Q 11. How did the life change finally? Was this better or worse?
Ans. With the passage of time the Bittering family accepted the situation and developed new habits. They found it peaceful without any interference and disturbance. They were very friendly. They were quick at learning English.

Q 12. What difference can you point out in the life style of the people of two different planets?
Ans. The Martians do not have any sort of haste or competition. The Earth is stricken with threats of war whereas the Martians have learned to live peacefully. Earthly people are always ready to quarrel for money and property but the Martians are devoid of such passions. The people of Earth live a social life but the Martians are fond of primitive life style.

Q 13. What did the radio flash tell?
Ans. The radio flash told that atom bombs hit New York and all the space rockets were destroyed. There would be no more rockets to Mars ever.

Q 14. What did the Lieutenant report?
Ans. He reported that the town was empty but they found native people in the hills. They were dark and golden eyed.

Written by: Asad Hussain