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English Grammar

FSc ICS FA ICom English Grammar Notes

FSc ICS FA ICom English Notes Grammar Parts of Speech


The Horse and the Messenger
A Foolish Stag
The Woodcutter and his Axe
The Jackal and Camel
The King and the Spider
The Fox and the Goat
The Farmer and his Lazy Sons
The Farmer and his Dog
The Farmer and his Sons
Clever Bat
A Thirsty Crow
A Farmer and his Donkey
A Wealthy Merchant
The Milkmaid and her Pail
The Wolf and Lamb
Three Friends and a Bag of Ornaments
The Friends and the Bear
The Hare and the Tortoise
The Slave and the Lion


Types of Poems
Punctuation Marks
Poetic Devices
Parts of Speech
Types of Noun
Types of Verb
Types of Pronoun
Types of Adjective
Types of Adverb
Types of Preposition
Types of Conjuction
Types of Interjection


Sports as a Channel of Bringing Nations Together


Quotations for Essays

My Aim in Life
My Hobby
Importance of Education
My First Impression of the College
My Last Day at College
My Hero in History Or My favorite Personality
My Favorite Poet Or Our National Poet
Women's place in the Society
A Cricket Match
A Picnic Party Or A Visit to a Historical Place
Terrorism / Terrorism and Jihad / Religious Intolerance / Fanaticism
Life in a Big City
Life in a Village
Science: A Wonder or a Cure Or Wonders of Science
Student's Union Or Students and Policies
Mobile Phone
Computer Or Information Technology
Patriotism Or Why I love Pakistan
Democracy Or Democracy Vs Dictatorship
Corruption Or A Social Evil
Drug Addiction Or Narcotic Drugs
Television Or The Electronic Media
The Kashmir Problem
Newspapers / Power of the Press / The Value of Mass Media
An Ideal Student
Pleasures of College Life
War and its Causes
Joys of Hostel Life
A Rainy Day
Dignity of Work
My Best Friend
The Problem of Illiteracy